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A Short Story for Children and Adults

The story below is a little unusual. You will see it has no bad things happening. There are no bad characters (badly written characters maybe but no characters that do bad things). it is a sort of fairy story but there is no big bad wolf. No wolves at all. There is magic but no wicked witches. There is a good fairy but no bad one. In fact, it goes on to explain why there cannot be. All the characters are vegetarian, even the bear. Those creatures who technically can eat other creatures do not. Each chapter tries to further explain the rules of their society and explain how things got to be the way they are. I try to have chapters reach their own conclusions or maybe a later chapter explains a loose end in an earlier story.

If you wish to give any feedback on this story or discuss it further I can be contacted at john.peters@[this website]

The story linked to below is actually a blog. As blogs are added to over time and usually show the newest first, I have edited the dates of each chapter so you get the chapters in order, oldest first. However, at the end of each chapter the next chapter is shown as the previous post. Just follow the chapter numbers. If you start reading poems then you got past the end of the story. I am still adding chapters.

The Story so far


A Horse Riding Vegan

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