Breed/Type: American Snowshoe - Colour: Brown Colour-point - Sex: Male - Age: 21 - Marks: None

Reggie-head Reggie

Known as "Reggicide", "The Brat".

Special interests: Play fighting with real weapons.

His mother was a rescued cat and he was born here 21 years ago. Reggie's mother was little more than a kitten herself who was already pregnant when she arrived.

Reggie was hand reared as his mother had no milk and no maternal instincts. He was the only surviver of her litter. This early ordeal left reggie a little strange. For many years he could not be touched, fussed or even looked at without an aggressive response.

Recently Reggie has mellowed. He will now accept a quick fuss between the ears. Still far from a pleasant cat but its progress.