Dragon Hunting

O Dragon, Dragon, Have at thee,
Come hither Dragon, fight with me.
For no more shall you terrorise,
With breath of fire from the skies.
Come hither Dragon, meet thy doom.
And I will show thee to thy tomb.

O Dragon, Dragon, Stand and fight,
Come face this charger and his knight.
Now vile creature, Advance, Advance,
Return to hell upon this lance.
Come hither Dragon, to thy fate,
Thy severed head shall top my gate.

Now in the mist, I see thy form,
Behold the calm before my storm.
Steady now my valiant horse,
And bravely set upon our course.
Set fly with thunderous crash of hoof,
To battle Dragon´┐Żs fire and tooth.

Onward, Onward, At our foe,
With shield and lance and courage go.
Oh woeful beast that now I see,
I tilt my trusty lance at thee.
Let out thy fire and do thy worst,
Take that! ye scaly creature cursed.

Oh Dragon that I set upon,
I strike thy heart and thou art gone.
When face to face in battle bold,
Thy claw is dull, thy fire cold.
Tis ever so, as you will find,
When you face the Dragons of your mind.

By John Peters

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© Copyright 2003 John Peters