If Horse should spook and run away,
Be sure and in your saddle stay.
Use your wit to make him bend,
And him into a circle send.
Ride round and round and make him puff,
Ride round until he's had enough.
When he is done, then ask him "Pray,
Why was it that you ran away".
"Did you a whirling dervish see?
Or had you just enough of me?"

If Horse should on his hind-legs rear,
Hang on for all that life holds dear.
For what goes up, must downward come,
So panic not, do not cry "Mum!"
Should he go over on his back,
I've nought to say, except "Alack!"
When he's back down then ask him "Why,
The need to reach up for the sky?"
"Were you attacked so savagely,
Or had you just enough of me?"

If Horse should just refuse to go,
Then touch the whip and "Tally Ho".
Should he hold fast and stand his ground,
Try backward, sideways, round and round.
Try asking, telling or using force,
But never get off and push a horse.
Perhaps the horse is not to blame,
The poor old chap may have gone lame.
So ask him, "Have you some injury?
Or had you just enough of me?"

If Horse should kick at you or bite,
While being rugged up for the night.
Or turn and pin you to the wall,
And not behave himself at all.
Do not get cross and shout or scold,
For revenge is a dish best served cold.
Just as you are about to go,
You'll spy a look of equine woe.
"Oh horsy, did I forget your tea?
Or had I just enough of thee?"

By John Peters

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© Copyright 2003 John Peters