Fred's Poem

I like to think that I'm your pet,
I'm fed and watered by you, yet,
In all this time we've never met,
Do you know who I am?

I'm always here, I am persistent,
I'll never go, I am insistent,
I'm Benzimidazole resistant,
Do you know who I am?

You fed my host that Strongid-P,
You'll be the very death of me,
You know I take this personally,
Do you know who I am?

Why do you have to use such force,
Just because I'm in your horse,
Can't you let nature run its course,
Do you know who I am?

A tapeworm's life is very tough,
And frankly I have had enough,
That Invermectin stuff was rough,
Now you know who I am.

So I'm bad for your horses health,
I'm feeling rather ill myself,
Leave that wormer on the shelf,
Now you know who I am.

You and I could be good friends,
Seeing eye to eye, though that depends,
On you having a magnifying lens,
Now you know who I am.

Well I suppose you have a right,
To carry on this annual fight,
For no one loves a parasite,
And that is what I am.

By Fred the tapeworm.
C/O Ryan
Lower intestine

By John Peters

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© Copyright 2003 John Peters