A Horses Life.

One day it did occur to me,
How dull a horses life must be.
How dull to find your fate is sealed,
Your life spent standing in a field.

Just watching as the clouds go by,
Just staring up into the sky.
And for a change, to help time pass,
You might look down and stare at grass.

Each day just like the one before,
Nothing less and nothing more.
Time means nothing, numbers are blotches,
This is why horses don't wear watches.

The sun does rise and then does set,
And once or twice you see the vet.
The farrier visits now and then,
Bangs your feet and goes again.

Every day when your owner came,
Your tea would always be the same.
And after eating grass all day,
What do they give you now but hay.

Just the same, day in, day out,
Eating, sleeping and standing about.
One day it did occur to me,
How nice a horses life must be.

By John Peters.

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