I have a little racing dog

I have a little racing dog, though her racing days are done,
Now her life is chasing cats and having lots of fun.

No! not chasing cats! But sitting by the fire,
While chewing on the telephone and spitting out the wire.

No! not chewing on the telephone! But sitting in her bed,
With food stole from the cupboard while she’s waiting to be fed.

No! not stealing from the cupboard! But playing in the park,
Meeting lots of other dogs and having a nice BARK.

No! stop all that barking! Let’s go home and watch TV,
Curled up on the sofa, being happy as can be.

No! get down from the sofa! And lay down by my feet,
Alright! Stay on the sofa! (I know when I am beat),

Now she is sleeping, relaxed without a care,
Laying on her back with her feet stuck in the air.

By John Peters

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