Ryan Heste, Dressage Sequel

Ryan is a dressage horse, and now he's proved me wrong,
I said he was afraid and weak, but he is brave and strong.
I said he knows his paces and the Judges do agree,
For Ryan is that Dressage star, the coward here is me.

Why on the morning of the show, as all good cowards do,
I was hoping I would be forgot, while hiding in the loo.
Ryan was quite ready and in the lorry loaded,
While I was lead out backwards, being prodded pushed and goaded.

When we arrived I panicked as I climbed on Ryan's back,
My teeth they were a chattering, "I only want to hack".
We entered the arena, In at 'A' in working trot.
Ryan didn't bat an eyelid for a coward he is not.

We then went through our Prelim two, and Ryan did his best,
We did it but, my eyes were shut, and were throughout the test.
Ryan was magnificent, and to him I owe a debt,
For we had got a second place and won our first rosette.

By John Peters

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